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Glam Up Your Party with Candy’s Party Dishes


Candy's Cafe Party Dishes

Question: What’s a party without food?
Answer: It isn’t.

If you’re throwing a party for whatever occasion and regardless of how simple or elaborate, you have to make sure there’s good food. In most cases, party guests won’t mind partying in any kind of venue and don’t really care if there’s live entertainment or not, as long as the company they keep and the food they eat are satisfactory.

So, if you want your party to be a success but you’re not very adept in the kitchen, what do you do? Why, you order tasty party dishes from a reliable food establishment, of course!

Candy’s Party Dishes

For your next party, why don’t you get your party dishes from one of Cagayan de Oro’s well-loved cafés? Candy’s Café is offering Party Dishes this season. The menu is extensive and offers a wide variety of dishes, from salads to pastas to seafoods.

Here are our top recommendations:

  1. Candy’s Special Salad – A Filipino party will always be rich in meat dishes, particularly pork. That is why it is always a good idea to have delicious and healthy salads to balance out the menu. And you can’t go wrong with Candy’s special salad.
  2. Chicken Fingers – This dish works well both as an appetizer and a viand. It is also an ideal dish to serve if you expect children to be at the party.
  3. Pasta Dishes – Any of Candy’s pasta dishes are sure to be appreciated by your party guests. Not only are they filling, but they’re also healthy and mouthwateringly tasty.

For other options, check out the full Party Dishes menu on their website. If you want to order, call Candy’s Cafe at (088)323-1975. You can also drop by at the restaurant at Centrio Mall, Ground Floor Garden and book your orders there.

Putting together a party menu doesn’t have to stress you out. Have fun on your celebrations this season!

Sustainable Construction: Helping the Present and Protecting the Future

Sustainability has become quite a common term in recent years. In the past, we only ever hear it either in science class or in news pertaining to the environment. These days, however, you are likely to hear the term used in various industries, including construction.

solar park

The term itself is broad, pertaining to people’s desire to carry out specific activities without having a negative impact on the environment. The Brundtland Commission defined it as our ability to meet “the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Continue reading

House of Native Lechon: A New Go-to Place for CDO Foodies

The Philippines is an archipelago composed of more than 7,000 islands. It is therefore understandable for each region of the country to have its own specialty when it comes to food. There is, however, one dish that is a favorite all over the country and is present in just about every occasion celebrated in Filipino homes and localities. We are talking about the spit-roasted pig we have come to know as Lechon.


CDO Lechon: Among the Country’s Best

If you love lechon and happen to live in Cagayan de Oro, then you should consider yourself lucky because the lechon in the City of Golden Friendship is deemed by many as one of the best in the country, along with lechon in Iligan and Cebu. When people from other parts of the country come to CDO to visit family, to go on an adventure, or even for business purposes, it is rare for them not to sample some of the city’s lechon on at least one meal for the entire duration of their stay. Continue reading

Bad Burgers – Is It Really Bad?

So, I just learned that there’s a new burger joint in Cagayan de Oro called Bad Burgers. Yes, I know I’m a bit late to the party, considering that it opened about four months ago. But I don’t really go out that much and I also don’t spend that much time on social networking sites, so it’s really quite normal for me not to be aware of the existence of a new establishment in the city until months after it opened.

Bad Burgers

Photo by kentstark52390

Anyway, I wanted to see if this new burger joint was really as good as my friend said it was. The name is interesting, at least, so Continue reading

SLERS at Madrid Fusion Manila

Last April 7, 8, and 9, the culinary world in Manila was treated to an incredible display of unique mouthwatering dishes at the 2016 Madrid Fusion Manila. Held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, the international culinary event highlighted the theme “The Manila Galleon: East Meets West.” The event showcased a fusion of gastronomic wonders from two countries and other parts of the world.

Slers ChicharonCagayan de Oro was represented in the highly popular culinary event. SLERS, the food manufacturing company behind the famous chicharon and ham of the same name, was an active participant in the colorful and gastronomic 3-day event. Aside from showcasing and selling different varieties of their chicharon, SLERS was also one of the featured ingredients of Madrid Fusion Manila. The festival served as an avenue for some of the best chefs of the country and the world, as well as gourmet enthusiasts and aficionados, to experience the unique, crunchy, and satisfying goodness of CDO’s favorite chicharon.

CDO’s favorite chicharon

The most anticipated gastronomy event was once again hosted by David Celdran, last year’s master of ceremonies. Guests included the Secretary of State for International Kingdom Cooperation of Spain Jesus Garcia, who expressed the appreciation of the Spanish government for the organizers of Madrid Fusion Manila; and Chef Nurdin Topham, owner of Nur Restaurant. The good chef shared his experiences and insights about the relationship between nutrition and gastronomy. His discussion about how what you want to eat and what you need to eat are related focused on the need to eat delicious but healthy food.

Slers display

SLERS’ participation in Madrid Fusion Manila is an indication of good things to come for the food manufacturing company. It was able to introduce its products, not only to the Manila culinary scene, but also to international guests.

The presence of SLERS in the recently concluded gastronomy festival is also a sign that Cagayan de Oro’s culinary scene is ready to branch out and explore opportunities offered through events like the recently concluded festival.

This year’s festival followed the highly successful Madrid Fusion Festival 2015, which had the theme “The Philippines and Spain: A 300-year Gastronomic Journey.” SLERS was handpicked and invited to participate in the prestigious event.

Primavera City – The Next Groundbreaking Project for IDC

Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) made headlines when they unveiled one of the most self-sufficient, eco-friendly mixed-use condominiums ever to grace the skylines in any of the Philippine cities, the Primavera Residences in Cagayan de Oro. Before this twin tower project was even completed, it already received numerous recognitions and awards from a variety of institutions and international award-giving bodies, including the Southeast Asia Property Awards (SEAPA) in Singapore and the International Property Awards in Kuala Lumpur.

Primavera Residences has also received a certificate of recognition as a finalist and one of the “Most Promising Clean Energy Investment Opportunities” during the Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN) in a Philippine Clean Energy Investment Forum in Manila. With its completion, Primavera Residences, aka the “Twin Towers,” proves to the international community that human ingenuity and perseverance can really make any dream a reality, including creating a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient commercial and residential building.

Italpinas’ Newest Project: Primavera City

Primavera City

Next on the docket for Italpinas Development Corp. is Primavera City. Still located in uptown CDO, at the Pueblo de Oro Business Park, where Primavera Residences is situated, Primavera City is a master-planned condominium project that is surely going to further the cause of IDC in promoting affordable, eco-friendly living. This is the latest project for Italpinas in Cagayan de Oro; a self-sustainable, mixed-use condominium development that has already received praise and recognition from the Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN). The CTI PFAN’s funding partners include the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

Just like the previous project, Primavera City was recognized as one of the top 10 “most promising clean energy investment opportunities” in 2013, during a competition held in Singapore. Interestingly, this real estate project is the only design consisting of seven mixed-use commercial and residential developments that boasts of both passive and active green features, using huge PV solar panel arrays for each of the building’s rooftops, essentially topping over 100 other eco-friendly projects in all of Asia. We can expect the development project to be constructed in four different phases.

According to the Italpinas Development Corp. website, the grand launch of these mixed-use energy-efficient buildings is set in the second quarter of this year, with the construction of Phase 1 or the first two mid-rise buildings set to commence in the third quarter. While the remaining structures, including the high-rise, will follow later. The project will receive its funding through the initial public offering, or IPO, set by IDC and its partners.

In a recent interview, IDC Chairman and COO Romolo Valentino Nati, an Italian architect, stated that the first phase of the development project will consist of the construction of the first two buildings with a total of 11 floors each. These buildings will be integrated multifunctional structures that will house commercial, residential, and office spaces. The project requires an investment estimated at around PHP 653 million.

Architect Nati, who also played a major role in the design of IDC’s previous Primavera Residences project, further stated that, “Primavera City is a fitting follow-up to our highly successful and multi-awarded Primavera Residences, which caught the fancy of not just Filipinos but even foreign buyers and property experts for its modern Italian design infused with eco-friendly architecture.” Indeed, this latest project is the next big step, not just for the real estate development company, but for the real estate industry as well.

Structural and Condominium Features

According to Italpinas Development Corp. the projected completion of the Primavera City project and the turnover of its units to their owners will be around the third quarter of 2018, if all goes well. IDC President Jose D. Leviste III confirmed in an interview that the first two towers of Primavera City Phase 1 are designed to house a total of 337 units. Of the 337 units, 57 will be commercial units, 22 are one-bedroom residential units, 27 are two-bedroom units, and 231 are studio-type residences. The average sizes of the units are 50 to 60 square meters for the commercial spaces, 47 for the one-bedroom, 70 sqm for the two-bedroom, and around 28 square meters for the studio type units.

According to Leviste, a lawyer and a graduate of the University of New South Whales in Australia, their target buyers include “employed and/or self-employed individuals with gross family income of at least PHP 50,000 such as local entrepreneurs, SMEs, OFWs, young professionals, and retirees, among others.” He further emphasized that, “With Cagayan de Oro now an emerging tourism and investment destination in the country, Primavera City is a great buy, not just for first-time home buyers, but also for investors.


Top 5 Reasons to Serve Lechon for Your Child’s Graduation

Ah, lechon! Every Filipino’s favorite party food. This pork dish, which has been popular since the Spanish era of Philippine history, is never absent from the Filipino family’s table when it comes to celebrations. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, a fiesta, or a simple get-together, the lechon is always the king of the table. Even when the budget does not allow it, some people will find ways to find extra money (legally, of course!) just so they can prepare lechon.


The popularity of the Philippine lechon reaches all areas of the country. And this is why we have festivals like Batangas’ Parada ng mga Lechon. Aside from its popularity, however, there are other reasons why the litson baboy—as it is called by some—should be on your dining table, especially when you’re celebrating a special occasion, like your child’s graduation for example.

Why Prepare Lechon for Graduation Parties?

Your child’s graduation is a momentous event. It is an achievement of a different magnitude. It speaks a lot about your child’s growth and development. It marks the beginning of a new level in life for your child. Therefore, it is something that you really need to celebrate.


And to celebrate well, you need that crispy, delicious lechon on your dining table. Why, you ask? Here are the top five reasons.

1.The lechon is considered a part of Filipino culture. In the days of the Spaniards, it was considered a status symbol. If you had lechon during your celebrations, your family was considered rich. We may live in the modern times already, but this still holds true nowadays. Whenever you go to a party, you will always look for lechon. And if you do not find one, you’ll somehow hear yourself say, “Oh, they probable do not have the budget for it.” So, yes, the lechon is a status symbol.

A more important and valid reason for preparing lechon for your child’s graduation is your guests. You need to satisfy your guests. It’s like when you’re selling something; you need to satisfy your customer before you can invite him or her to avail of your product again. If you want everything to go well, if you want your guests to be happy and satisfied, you should really prepare your table for a lechon or two.

2.Lechon is an all-around dish. What is meant by this is that it can be cooked into other food varieties after the party. It’s a dish that will bring out your culinary creativity. Most families will look forward to enjoying a good meal of lechon paksiw a day after the party. You might also want to try a lechon sinigang; it’s like your usual sinigang, but using leftover lechon instead of the regular pork meat.

Other prefer to fry leftover lechon, especially the skin.

So, you see? Spending on a lechon for your child’s graduation is quite practical, too!

3.Lechon can be enjoyed by almost everyone in the party. Not everyone eats lechon, but more than half of your guests are sure to enjoy it! Lechon, in other words, is food that can be shared. Again, you’re being practical here. One dish can serve a lot of people.

Best of all, it will be fun eating the lechon as a group. Big groups that eat together usually get one plate filled with lechon slices and this is shared to everyone in their table. It’s like one big happy family sharing a delicious meal!

4.The Philippine lechon is a symbol of thanksgiving. Since it is said to represent an abundant life, the lechon is the perfect dish to signify gratefulness—which is the perfect theme for your child’s graduation party. So, graduation = success = lechon = thanksgiving. Makes sense, don’t you think so?

5.Finally… you need to put a lechon on your dining table to celebrate your child’s graduation because it is one of the best tasting dishes you can ever serve!

If you want to make sure that your child and your guests enjoy the food you serve, put a lechon on your dining table! It doesn’t matter what size your lechon is, as long as it is cooked right. Come to think of it, every lechon tastes good. It’s just a matter of sprinkling some extra ingredients and spices to make it more deliciously appetizing!

Still not convinced that you need to celebrate your child’s graduation with a lechon? How about this? Give your child a lechon and make him/her happy. It’s as simple as that.

Italpinas Development Corporation’s Primavera Residences and More

A leading real estate development company, especially for its self-sustaining architectural design and for promoting environmentally-friendly commercial and residential construction practices, Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) has undoubtedly solidified its status not just in the real estate sector, but in the corporate world as well. The company’s projects are setting the bar high for other up-and-coming real estate development companies.

Here are some of the projects that have given IDC major recognition from both local and international groups, businesses, and investors.

Primavera Residences (Cagayan de Oro)

Primavera Residences (Cagayan de Oro)

This is the green building project that has earned Italpinas their International Finance Corporation (IFC) World Bank Group – Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) certification. The Primavera Residences twin tower project is the epitome of green living and what human ingenuity can accomplish. The towers have already been recognized for their unique, modern design. If you look a little closer though, you will quickly realize that the buildings are more than just a façade; a welcome addition to the city’s skyline, they are actually an architectural marvel in terms of efficiency and functionality.

Some of the green features of Primavera Residences include:

  • Photovoltaic solar panels on the rooftop that serve as a source for renewable energy. Made of amorphous silicon, the panels are virtually unbreakable and have a high heat tolerance.
  • Open inner courtyard, allowing natural light and ventilation to pass through. This eliminates the need to turn on electric lights during the day.
  • Unit/apartment cross ventilation design helps reduce indoor heat.
  • Façade shadowing system, or shelters, are designed not just for cosmetics purposes but for heat reduction as well. The shelters work by shielding windows from the sun’s rays during the hottest hours of the day, further reducing internal heat.

All of these features put together could help reduce overall energy consumption by up to 20%.

MIRAMONTI (Sto. Tomas, Batangas)

MIRAMONTI (Sto. Tomas, Batangas)

With a total project development cost of approximately $124.5 million, you can see that Italpinas is quite serious when it comes to providing top quality design and development. The total buildable area covered by this mixed-use condominium is around 120,000 square meters. Phase 1 alone is composed of about 2,000 square meters.

The first two floors are designed for commercial space, with 1,500 square meters of space per floor. There are two parking levels, which are also 1,500 square meters each, and 20 residential floors of approximately 800 square meters per floor. In keeping with IDC’s self-sufficient design, Miramonti also features photovoltaic solar panels on the rooftops to serve as a source of renewable energy.

Shelter of Light (Payatas, Quezon City)

Shelter of Light (Payatas, Quezon City)

Albeit still in a concept design phase, looking at the initial designs will really inspire awe even in those who have no interest in architecture. Once completed, Shelter of Light will be an eco-friendly multipurpose public hall that’s located in Payatas, Quezon City. This is a partnership project between IDC and My Shelter Foundation, an organization that promotes the use of recyclable materials like plastic soda bottles, bamboo, solar panels, and Onduline—a lightweight but extremely tough, corrugated wall cladding and roofing material.

Coral City (Quezon City, Metro Manila)

Coral City (Quezon City, Metro Manila)

Coral City is a green, mixed-use socialized housing project in Quezon City that has a total buildable area of around 30,000 square meters. The architectural design concept has received the “Special Energy Award” from the Design Against the Elements International architectural competition. This energy-efficient housing complex is comprised of a group of individual buildings that feature a number of structures and spaces, which include inner courtyards, parking, flood-proof shelters, and other eco-friendly facilities. The total project development cost is estimated at around $10 million.

Italpinas Development Corporation has certainly shown what they can do, and achieve, given the opportunity. The company’s green-oriented approach to architectural design is truly revolutionary. An office building project in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila for a particular telecommunications company, for example, shows architectural design concepts that are at the forefront of Philippine architecture and design. And again, this building features eco-friendly elements that aim to reduce energy consumption and waste.

Additionally, in the second quarter of this year, IDC will unveil its newest green living development in Cagayan de Oro. Primavera City is another sustainable-development project and will have passive green features like the semi-transparent photo-voltaic already being used in the rooftops of their existing developments.

Truly, Italpinas is at the forefront of the green living revolution in the Philippines. With all these and other projects in the planning stages, IDC intends to create a community where people can live in affordably, safely, and conveniently.


Excellent Party Venues in Cagayan de Oro

Many of us are used to celebrating special occasions such as birthdays in the comfort of our own homes. We cook up a feast (or have food catered), invite some friends over, and have fun for a few hours. However, there are just some instances when it’s a better idea to celebrate in a different venue. This is especially true if the occasion we’re celebrating is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event like a wedding, a christening, or a golden wedding anniversary.

special occasions venue

One of the most challenging tasks when you choose to celebrate a special occasion somewhere other than your home is that of finding the perfect venue. With budget, location, and capacity to consider, among other things, this can be a pretty draining task. Surely you’ll want an affordable party venue that will leave a budget for the lechon and entertainment, for example.

Allow us to ease your burden a bit with a list of some of CDO’s best party venues, which you may want to consider for your next celebration.

N Hotel

If you’re throwing a birthday party for your child and he/she wants a pool party, then N Hotel is definitely a good place to consider. They can serve up a buffet for at least 30 persons at PHP 350 per person. And one of the best things about this venue is that they allow you to replace some of the items on their prepared menu with ones that fit your party requirements better. For a children’s party, for example, the hotel representative will help you come up with a kid-friendly menu. You would then just have to pay an additional PHP 100 for every person who’ll go for a dip in the pool.

N Hotel in Cagayan de Oro

Primavera Events Venue

If you’re planning a relatively small gathering with about 50 people or less, then this may be the ideal venue for you. Located in the city’s uptown area (near SM CDO), this events venue is on the 2nd floor of Primavera Residences, the first eco-friendly condominium complex in Mindanao. Other than the usual sound system, tables and chairs, and air conditioning offered by most party venues, Primavera also provides the added advantage of roaming guards and functional CCTV cameras. There is also ample parking space within the property and it’s easy enough to commute to and from the place.

Sentro 1850

Some people think of Sentro as an expensive fine dining restaurant, but it can actually be an excellent venue for parties, particularly for an intimate gathering of around 25-30 individuals. They have a buffet set list for PHP 350 to PHP 400 per head, and their food is truly delicious! The buffet includes rice, five kinds of viand, dessert, and bottomless lemonade or iced tea. Not bad, huh? And if there any food left after the party, you can bring it with you and continue the celebration at home! Plus, the restaurant is right within the downtown Divisoria area, making it highly accessible to you and your guests.

sentro 1850 restaurant in Cagayan de Oro

Sonrisa Vista Resort

Opened just two years ago, this beach resort is quickly becoming a popular events and party venue. This is especially ideal for those who love the beach and want to go for a dip in the ocean after the party proper. Among the things people like about the place is that there’s ample parking space, a playground for the kids, and an aviary your guests can visit without having to pay extra fees. Their smallest picnic cottage can be rented at PHP 500 and can accommodate up to 15 persons. The largest function hall, on the other hand, can be rented at PHP 5,000 and can accommodate up to 80 persons.

Sonrisa Vista Resort

Stargate Dream Vacation Resort

If you want to spend the day away from the hustle and bustle of the city proper, perhaps this is the venue you’re looking for. Located in Upper Macasandig, the resort is just a ten-minute drive from the downtown area, but has a completely relaxing and peaceful ambience. The creative designs of their buildings make the place an ideal venue for wedding receptions, because everything just seems to look good in pictures. And their Resto Bar offers not just good food and fresh air, but also a majestic view of both the Cagayan de Oro River and the city itself.

Stargate Dream Vacation Resort

It should now be easier for you to decide where your next party will be held. Whatever your preferences are in terms of ambience and location, and whatever the budget is for the party, there’s sure to be a venue within the city that’s just perfect for you. Good luck on your party planning and have fun!

December – A Popular Month for Parties and Events

family pictureIt is said that June is the most popular month for weddings, especially in the Philippines. Upon close observation, however, you’ll notice that the month of December is quickly catching up in terms of popularity, and it certainly beats any other month of the year as the most popular month to hold events and parties in general. Family reunions, batch reunions, company gathering—name it, it is likely happening in December!

Why are people so eager to hold weddings and other events on the last month of the year? There used to be a belief that it’s bad luck to get married as the year draws to a close, but most people seems to have ditched that belief in recent years, as weddings have started being held just when many other celebrations and parties are also held. Here are some of the best reasons why people often choose December for weddings and other celebrations:

  1. Longer/Cooler NightsDecember is generally a cool month, which means you don’t have to suffer unbearable heat if you choose to hold your event earlier in the day. The last month of the year is also generally characterized by longer nights, which means that if you start the celebration in the mid- or late afternoon, you’ll have a longer time to enjoy the gathering.
  2. Magical/Romantic SettingsWherever you go during the month of December, you are likely to find beautiful decorations everywhere, and when the evening comes, lights are likely to adorn practically every building you see. This means you won’t have to make too much of an effort; you’re likely to find a magical and romantic setting, whichever venue you choose for your event.
  3. The Holiday CheerDecember puts everyone in a holiday spirit, so you can be sure your party guests will be in a cheerful disposition, thereby making the event even more fun! Most people also take time off work during this month, which means the people you choose to invite are more likely to be available.

wedding photography
Okay, so now you have an idea as to why people now prefer to hold weddings and other events in December. You’ve probably also noticed how, for many of these events, the host chooses to hire a professional photographer to capture the moments and preserve memories. Is there really a need to hire a professional? Why can’t you just go DIY where pictorials are concerned? Here are the top reasons for hiring a professional for wedding photography and documentation for other special events in December:

  1. The Right GearYou may have a good camera, but take note that a professional photographer invested a considerable amount of money in making sure that he not only has a top-quality camera, but also a complete set of lenses, lights, and other photography equipment. Taking pictures at night outside with Christmas lights twinkling in the background sounds great; but the camera at hand cannot capture the beauty of the setting, what a shame. It’s tricky to deal with reflection and glare from artificial lights, all the more when there are many Christmas lights all around. This is just one issue that won’t be a problem if you have professionals present.
  2. The Right GoalsIt is understandable that you’d want to have excellent photos of the people and highlights of your event, but do you realize that a professional photographer also wants you to have the best photos of your event? He wants the same things you want in terms of event photos because he knows that if he fails to deliver the kind of photos you expect (or better, if possible), you aren’t likely to hire him ever again, much less recommend him to others. Word-of-mouth advertising means a lot to professional photographers, which is why they will always do their best to leave a positive impression on their clients.
  3. The Right SkillsOne of the things you have to ensure when it comes to event photos is that there’s a healthy mix of staged and candid photos. This is definitely something a professional photographer knows how to do. Even better news is that a professional knows how to make people at ease, so the staged photos don’t look unnatural; they may be staged, but they don’t have to look staged, right? In taking candid photos, a professional photographer also has the advantage of knowing how to effectively communicate the subject’s emotions to anyone who views the photos.

If you, too, have joined the bandwagon and scheduled an event or party for December, don’t forget to hire a professional photographer to encapsulate the unforgettable moments that are sure to happen at your event. When you see the photos a few days later, you’ll surely be glad you got a professional to take them.