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Xavier University’s 1st Lambago Arts Award Recognizes Kagay-anon Artists

 As part of the month-long Panaghugpong celebration, the Xavier Center for Culture and Arts, together with The Crusader Publication and the English 91.1 Practicum Class, has organized the first Lambago Art Awards last February 20, 2016 at the Lucas Hall.

The Lambago Art Awards, which was derived from Cagayan de Oro city’s pre-Spanish regime name “Kalambaguhan,” was organized to give credit to the local artists of the city who have contributed and made an impact in CDO’s arts scene. A total of 62 individuals and organizations were given recognition during the awarding ceremony.

In his message during the awarding ceremony Fr. Roberto C. Yap, SJ, Xavier University’s president, highlighted the significance of art in preserving the culture of Cagayan de Oro city. Art, according to Fr. Yap, is a reflection of a community’s lifestyle and belief, and even though it is usually taken for granted in today’s generation, he has always pushed for a stronger recognition of the arts in the city.

The event was attended by Cagayan de Oro’s best performers and artists including Alex Dagalea, CU Glee Club, XTATIC, Capitol University Dance Troupe, and Liceo de Cagayan Folkloric Dance Troupe, among others. Mayor Oscar Moreno and the director of XCAA, Hobart Savior, were also present during the Lambago Art Awards. Together with Fr. Yap, they presented the awards to the 62 local artists of Cagayan de Oro.

The Lambago Art Award featured 10 categories namely music, dance, literature, film and theater arts, visual arts, architecture, art criticism, museums, and culture and arts institution.

Here is the complete list of Lambago Art Awardees:


Ana Dela Fuente

Rudolf P. Golez

Michael Auxilio

Dave Alba

Art Ramos

Xavier University Glee Club

Xavier Philharmonia

Capitol University Glee Club

Rap Batikos

Friends and Music

Alex Dagalea


Xavier University Cultural Dance Troupe

Liceo Folkloric Dance Troupe

Capitol University Dance Troupe

Next Moves

Kagay-an Performing Arts


Jasmine San Juan-Llenas


Raul Granada Moldez

Anthony Daposala

Lina Sagaral Reyes

Rogelio Fantonial Garcia, Jr.

Arlene Jaguit Yandug

Maria Elena Lastimosa Paulma

Ferdinand Tanael Cantular

Tyron Keith Maru Varias Sabal

Nagkahiusang Magsusulat sa Cagayan de Oro (NAGMAC)

Bathalad Mindanao

Antonio R. Enriquez (Posthumous)


Joe Bacus

Cloyd Winstanley

Jasmine Mendez Limas

Ametta Taguchi

Denise Aguilar

Maia Nery Fortich-Poblete

Dulaang Atenista

The Xavier Stage


Pennessencio Estarte

Louie Talents

Jericho Valjusto Vamenta

Michelle Hollanes Lua

Errol P. Balcos

Michael E. Bacol

Nicolas Aca, Jr.

Chris Gomez

Evans Yonson

Froilan Gallardo

Ryan Carreon

Junnie Dwight Dalmacion


Biswal Mindanao

Circulo de Arte

Dire Husi

Cagayan de Oro Arts Guild


Mozart Pastrano


United Architects of the Philippines – CDO Chapter


Cagayan de Oro City Tourism – Culture and Arts Committee

Liceo de Cagayan University Culture and Arts Office/Office of Cultural Affairs


Dr. Erlinda M. Burton of Museo de Oro

Dr Antonio J. Roa Montalvan II

Museum of Three Cultures of Capitol University

La Castilla Museum of Liceo de Cagayan University

The trophies given during the Lambago Art Awards were hand-painted individually by XU’s Circulo de Arte chairman and Museo de Oro’s assistant curator Oscar “Oca” Floirendo.

Congratulations to everyone who was recognized during the Lambago Art Awards, and thank you for keeping the art scene in Cagayan de Oro alive and burning.

Xavier Ecoville: Brick by Brick – A Tribute to CDO’s Silent Heroes

Sendong. Mention this word to Kagay-anons and you’ll instantly see fear and trauma in their eyes. Dubbed as the world’s deadliest typhoon in 2011, Typhoon Sendong has left a hole in the hearts of Kagay-anons after it has devastated the city in the evening of December 16, 2011. Typhoon Sendong, with international name Washi, ruined 19,952 houses and caused almost 900 fatalities (the worst that CDO has ever witnessed). Sendong has affected a total of 38,071 families in Cagayan de Oro and caused a total damage of 1.8 billion PHP alone in Region X.

Three years have already passed since that tragic evening, and today, when you roam around the city, you will only see few traces of the nightmare that has befallen to the city. Infrastructures that were badly damaged during the typhoon have already been rebuilt. Several livelihood projects for the survivors have been initiated by the government and non-government organizations; relocation sites have also been opened to resettle Sendong survivors who lost their homes during the typhoons. Hand in hand, every survivor of Sendong is now trying to live forward.

Xavier Ecoville – A Caring Community for Sendong Survivors

Moving on and living forward would never be possible if not for people and organizations that have helped the survivors in every step of the way. Among those that have helped them is Xavier University through the Xavier Ecoville Project. The Xavier Ecoville Project (XEP) has assisted over 500 survivors to have their new lives rebuilt in a healthy community situated at Barangay Lumbia. Aside from providing permanent residence, staff and volunteers of the Xavier Ecoville Project also exposed Sendong-affected families to various activities such as values formation, psychological guidance, and livelihood projects. Several projects focusing on ecological awareness were also provided to these families living in Xavier Ecoville.

Xavier Ecoville in CDO

Brick by Brick – Narrating the Beginnings of Xavier Ecoville

After three years of aiding Sendong-affected families to move forward and rebuild their lives, the people behind the Xavier Ecoville Project have opened its doors and shared the beginnings of the community. Last December 2, 2014, the Xavier Ecoville: Brick by Brick—a book tribute for all the silent heroes who made XEP a reality—was launched at the Xavier University AVR 1. Published by the Xavier University Press, the book is filled with inspiring stories by volunteers and beneficiaries of XEP. From its early resettlement site days to the selection of the beneficiaries and the building of the houses up to the present, XEP’s story has been shown in the book through narratives, personal reflections, and snapshots.

The book was edited by Palanca Award winner Dr. Maria Elena Paulma and was written by April Charisse C. Montellano, Nadine Hendrikka E. Legaspi and Vanessa M. Gorra; serving as the head writer and production coordinator of the book was Hyacinth J. Tagupa. Ryan Louie G. Madrid was also the production coordinator of the book and also served as the in-charge of the photo account; Rico M. Magallona was the book’s lay-out and graphic artist. Editorial consultants of the book were Estrella T. Borja and Dr. Ma. Theresa Rivera.

Apart from being a tribute to the people who made XEP a possibility, the book has also served as a testament of Kagay-anons’ resiliency. It became an affirmation that no matter how the storm, Kagay-anons can still rise up and rebuild their lives.