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Sustainable Construction: Helping the Present and Protecting the Future

Sustainability has become quite a common term in recent years. In the past, we only ever hear it either in science class or in news pertaining to the environment. These days, however, you are likely to hear the term used in various industries, including construction.

solar park

The term itself is broad, pertaining to people’s desire to carry out specific activities without having a negative impact on the environment. The Brundtland Commission defined it as our ability to meet “the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Continue reading

Kagay-anon Update – A Look at the City’s Booming Real Estate Sector  

Last March 2016, Johndorf Ventures Corp. (JVC), a Cebu-based developer, has announced that it will be launching another real estate project in Cagayan de Oro City. The project, which is named Montierra Subdivision, will open 600 new homes for middle-class families in the city. In a recent gathering, JVC has already introduced their upcoming project to more or less 300 agents and brokers, right after getting their license to sell from the HLURB or Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board.

According to Michele Chiu-Bacungan, JVC Sales and Marketing Manager, the Montierra project will be officially launched in April with a special event at the site in Balulang. However, prior the official launch, Johndorf will be holding a pre-selling activity at Mallberry Suites in Limketkai Center. For this project, JVC has allocated a total of PHP 6 Million. Once finished, Montierra will be a master-planned residential community featuring two-storey Asian townhouses located near Cagayan de Oro’s commercial hub.

Montierra townhouse in Cagayan de Oro

Johndorf Ventures Corp. isn’t the only real estate developer that will be launching projects in Cagayan de Oro this year. As a matter of fact, Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) – the country’s premier developer of sustainable homes – is also set to launch Primavera City during the second quarter of 2016. Primavera City is IDC’s follow-up project to their successful and multi-awarded Primavera Residences, which has been praised internationally for its luxurious design and eco-friendly architecture.

The new project will be built at Pueblo de Oro Business Park, one of Cagayan de Oro’s commercial districts. For this project alone, Italpinas has allocated a total of PHP 653 Million.  IDC is considered as a major player in the city’s real estate sector; the company specializes in green building design and sustainable development. Apart from Italpinas and Johndorf, real estate developers such as Ayala Land, Inc., Filinvest Land, Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc., and Avida Land Corp. have existing projects in the city.

Cagayan de Oro – A Real Estate Hotspot in Mindanao

Last 2015, during his public message for the city’s 65th Charter Day Celebration, Mayor Oscar Moreno has made an announcement regarding the city’s progress. According to him, the city of Cagayan de Oro is expecting a total revenue of PHP 4.8 Billion this 2016, which is 85% bigger than the city’s 2015 annual revenue of PHP 2.6 Billion. Because of the many investments and business activities in the city, Cagayan de Oro has been hailed as one of the three cities outside Metro Manila to have reached an annual income of PHP 2 Billion, with Davao and Cebu being the two other cities.

When asked about the city’s fast economic progress, City Treasurer Glenn C. Banez has pointed out the city’s real estate sector as its driving force.  It has been quite noticeable that over the past few years, real estate developers have been investing and launching projects in the city and because of this, the sector has contributed a lot to CDO’s rapid progress.

It is not surprising that a lot of real estate developers are investing in the City of Golden Friendship. Cagayan de Oro City has long been attracting investors and businesses, especially because of its strategic location. Considered as the Gateway to Northern Mindanao, the city of Cagayan de Oro is now one of the country’s highly urbanized areas and most progressive cities. It has even been named by the National Competitive Council as the Most Competitive City in 2014. The city has also been a mainstay in the list of the most peaceful and most beautiful cities in the Philippines.

According to a particular real estate blog, the reason why Cagayan de Oro is now a real estate hotspot is the city’s positive and quick financial growth. As what the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) has said, the Cagayan de Oro City is a flourishing commercial and business hub; it can even be considered as the largest international and domestic seaport in Mindanao, especially now that the Port of Cagayan de Oro has been rehabilitated.

But if there’s one thing that really attracts real estate developers to invest in the city, that would be the booming BPO sector of Cagayan de Oro. Currently, the city has two IT buildings and five IT parks.  And as what the former Director-General of NEDA said, there’s a great chance that Cagayan de Oro will become Mindanao’s next financial and business center.

With the city’s rapid growth and development, it is only to be expected that in the years to come, more real estate developers will launch projects and provide world-class affordable homes to both Kagay-anons and the people relocating to the city.


Cagayan de Oro City – Northern Mindanao’s Real Estate Hotspot

Cagayan de Oro City, a city-port situated in the mouth of Macajalar Bay, has always been considered as the official business center of Northern Mindanao. But just recently, the city has gained another title—Northern Mindanao’s Real Estate Hotspot.

For these past few years, it isn’t hard to notice that the city of Cagayan de Oro, also known as the city of Golden Friendship, has been experiencing unimpeded economic growth. A bolstered infrastructure, plenty of job opportunities, and thousands of business investments—these are just some of the things that can prove that CDO has undeniably developed into a simple city-port to one of the country’s highly urbanized cities. And because of city’s geographic advantage and the good leadership of the local government unit, Cagayan de Oro has also become a favorite business paradise of both foreign and local investors.

Apart from being tagged as the business hub of region X, the city has also been hailed as the 2nd most competitive city in the country just last 2014. Cagayan de Oro is also one of the only three cities outside Metro Manila to generate an annual revenue of PHP 2 billion last 2015, another clear indication that the city is indeed doing well and progressing at a fast pace.

CDO Is the Next Target of Real Estate Magnates!

Last June 15, 2015, during the Charter Day Celebration of Cagayan de Oro, Mayor Oscar “Oca” Moreno has made a huge announcement to the public. According to the Honorable Mayor, the city administration is expecting that the annual revenue of CDO will exceed 85% based on their forecasted financial performance. For 2016, the local administration of Cagayan de Oro is already expecting a total revenue of PHP 4.8 billion, a significantly bigger amount compared to 2015’s PHP 2.6 billion revenue.

For this forecasted increase in the city’s annual revenue, Mayor Moreno has revealed that the real estate sector of CDO is actually the driving force of the city’s massive economic progress. The City Treasurer of Cagayan de Oro, Glenn C. Bañez, has backed Mayor Moreno’s revelation by confirming that the real estate sector of the city is indeed flourishing. According to Bañez, there are plenty of property development investments lined up in the city coming from the country’s leading real estate developers including Avida Land Corp., Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc., SM Group, Filinvest Land Inc., and Ayala Lands Inc.

Reasons Why CDO Has Become a Real Estate Hotspot

Due to the city’s strong financial performance and its rapid economic improvement, Cagayan de Oro has undeniably become a potential target of real estate magnates as a good place to invest and develop.

For those who aren’t aware, there are plenty of reasons why the City of Golden Friendship has emerged as a real estate hotspot and one of them is the opening of Laguindingan Airport last 2013. After Laguindingan Airport replaced the now-defunct Lumbia Airport, Cagayan de Oro became the undisputed Gateway to Northern Mindanao and made the whole region accessible to both tourists and businessmen. Another important reason that led the city to become a real estate hotspot is the rehabilitation of Cagayan de Oro Port last year. It has made the city Mindanao’s biggest domestic and international seaport. With both Laguindingan Airport and Port of Cagayan de Oro now fully-functional and modernized, it made it easier even more for real estate developers to enter and invest in the city.

In the viewpoint, however, of the National Economic Development Authority, the biggest draw that made the city a hotspot for real estate developers is the BPO sector. Ever since CDO had BPO companies operating around the city, job opportunities began flourishing. This has led to people from different places relocating to CDO to look for jobs. Currently, the city has 5 IT parks and 2 IT buildings, and this number is really growing fast. And since a burgeoning population invariably leads to an increased need for housing units, real estate developers have capitalized on this need and started developing modern homes such as condominiums. As of present, Cagayan de Oro has five existing condominium projects—Centrio Tower, Avida Towers Aspira, One Oasis, and Primavera Residences.

Because of the city’s emergence as a real estate hotspot, it is already expected that for the next years to come, Cagayan de Oro will still be progressive. As a matter of fact, there is actually a great chance that the city will outperform Davao City and become the business center of the whole island of Mindanao as what Cayetano Paderanga Jr.—former NEDA director general—predicted.

Primavera City – The Next Groundbreaking Project for IDC

Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) made headlines when they unveiled one of the most self-sufficient, eco-friendly mixed-use condominiums ever to grace the skylines in any of the Philippine cities, the Primavera Residences in Cagayan de Oro. Before this twin tower project was even completed, it already received numerous recognitions and awards from a variety of institutions and international award-giving bodies, including the Southeast Asia Property Awards (SEAPA) in Singapore and the International Property Awards in Kuala Lumpur.

Primavera Residences has also received a certificate of recognition as a finalist and one of the “Most Promising Clean Energy Investment Opportunities” during the Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN) in a Philippine Clean Energy Investment Forum in Manila. With its completion, Primavera Residences, aka the “Twin Towers,” proves to the international community that human ingenuity and perseverance can really make any dream a reality, including creating a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient commercial and residential building.

Italpinas’ Newest Project: Primavera City

Primavera City

Next on the docket for Italpinas Development Corp. is Primavera City. Still located in uptown CDO, at the Pueblo de Oro Business Park, where Primavera Residences is situated, Primavera City is a master-planned condominium project that is surely going to further the cause of IDC in promoting affordable, eco-friendly living. This is the latest project for Italpinas in Cagayan de Oro; a self-sustainable, mixed-use condominium development that has already received praise and recognition from the Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN). The CTI PFAN’s funding partners include the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

Just like the previous project, Primavera City was recognized as one of the top 10 “most promising clean energy investment opportunities” in 2013, during a competition held in Singapore. Interestingly, this real estate project is the only design consisting of seven mixed-use commercial and residential developments that boasts of both passive and active green features, using huge PV solar panel arrays for each of the building’s rooftops, essentially topping over 100 other eco-friendly projects in all of Asia. We can expect the development project to be constructed in four different phases.

According to the Italpinas Development Corp. website, the grand launch of these mixed-use energy-efficient buildings is set in the second quarter of this year, with the construction of Phase 1 or the first two mid-rise buildings set to commence in the third quarter. While the remaining structures, including the high-rise, will follow later. The project will receive its funding through the initial public offering, or IPO, set by IDC and its partners.

In a recent interview, IDC Chairman and COO Romolo Valentino Nati, an Italian architect, stated that the first phase of the development project will consist of the construction of the first two buildings with a total of 11 floors each. These buildings will be integrated multifunctional structures that will house commercial, residential, and office spaces. The project requires an investment estimated at around PHP 653 million.

Architect Nati, who also played a major role in the design of IDC’s previous Primavera Residences project, further stated that, “Primavera City is a fitting follow-up to our highly successful and multi-awarded Primavera Residences, which caught the fancy of not just Filipinos but even foreign buyers and property experts for its modern Italian design infused with eco-friendly architecture.” Indeed, this latest project is the next big step, not just for the real estate development company, but for the real estate industry as well.

Structural and Condominium Features

According to Italpinas Development Corp. the projected completion of the Primavera City project and the turnover of its units to their owners will be around the third quarter of 2018, if all goes well. IDC President Jose D. Leviste III confirmed in an interview that the first two towers of Primavera City Phase 1 are designed to house a total of 337 units. Of the 337 units, 57 will be commercial units, 22 are one-bedroom residential units, 27 are two-bedroom units, and 231 are studio-type residences. The average sizes of the units are 50 to 60 square meters for the commercial spaces, 47 for the one-bedroom, 70 sqm for the two-bedroom, and around 28 square meters for the studio type units.

According to Leviste, a lawyer and a graduate of the University of New South Whales in Australia, their target buyers include “employed and/or self-employed individuals with gross family income of at least PHP 50,000 such as local entrepreneurs, SMEs, OFWs, young professionals, and retirees, among others.” He further emphasized that, “With Cagayan de Oro now an emerging tourism and investment destination in the country, Primavera City is a great buy, not just for first-time home buyers, but also for investors.


Italpinas Development Corporation’s Primavera Residences and More

A leading real estate development company, especially for its self-sustaining architectural design and for promoting environmentally-friendly commercial and residential construction practices, Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) has undoubtedly solidified its status not just in the real estate sector, but in the corporate world as well. The company’s projects are setting the bar high for other up-and-coming real estate development companies.

Here are some of the projects that have given IDC major recognition from both local and international groups, businesses, and investors.

Primavera Residences (Cagayan de Oro)

Primavera Residences (Cagayan de Oro)

This is the green building project that has earned Italpinas their International Finance Corporation (IFC) World Bank Group – Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) certification. The Primavera Residences twin tower project is the epitome of green living and what human ingenuity can accomplish. The towers have already been recognized for their unique, modern design. If you look a little closer though, you will quickly realize that the buildings are more than just a façade; a welcome addition to the city’s skyline, they are actually an architectural marvel in terms of efficiency and functionality.

Some of the green features of Primavera Residences include:

  • Photovoltaic solar panels on the rooftop that serve as a source for renewable energy. Made of amorphous silicon, the panels are virtually unbreakable and have a high heat tolerance.
  • Open inner courtyard, allowing natural light and ventilation to pass through. This eliminates the need to turn on electric lights during the day.
  • Unit/apartment cross ventilation design helps reduce indoor heat.
  • Façade shadowing system, or shelters, are designed not just for cosmetics purposes but for heat reduction as well. The shelters work by shielding windows from the sun’s rays during the hottest hours of the day, further reducing internal heat.

All of these features put together could help reduce overall energy consumption by up to 20%.

MIRAMONTI (Sto. Tomas, Batangas)

MIRAMONTI (Sto. Tomas, Batangas)

With a total project development cost of approximately $124.5 million, you can see that Italpinas is quite serious when it comes to providing top quality design and development. The total buildable area covered by this mixed-use condominium is around 120,000 square meters. Phase 1 alone is composed of about 2,000 square meters.

The first two floors are designed for commercial space, with 1,500 square meters of space per floor. There are two parking levels, which are also 1,500 square meters each, and 20 residential floors of approximately 800 square meters per floor. In keeping with IDC’s self-sufficient design, Miramonti also features photovoltaic solar panels on the rooftops to serve as a source of renewable energy.

Shelter of Light (Payatas, Quezon City)

Shelter of Light (Payatas, Quezon City)

Albeit still in a concept design phase, looking at the initial designs will really inspire awe even in those who have no interest in architecture. Once completed, Shelter of Light will be an eco-friendly multipurpose public hall that’s located in Payatas, Quezon City. This is a partnership project between IDC and My Shelter Foundation, an organization that promotes the use of recyclable materials like plastic soda bottles, bamboo, solar panels, and Onduline—a lightweight but extremely tough, corrugated wall cladding and roofing material.

Coral City (Quezon City, Metro Manila)

Coral City (Quezon City, Metro Manila)

Coral City is a green, mixed-use socialized housing project in Quezon City that has a total buildable area of around 30,000 square meters. The architectural design concept has received the “Special Energy Award” from the Design Against the Elements International architectural competition. This energy-efficient housing complex is comprised of a group of individual buildings that feature a number of structures and spaces, which include inner courtyards, parking, flood-proof shelters, and other eco-friendly facilities. The total project development cost is estimated at around $10 million.

Italpinas Development Corporation has certainly shown what they can do, and achieve, given the opportunity. The company’s green-oriented approach to architectural design is truly revolutionary. An office building project in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila for a particular telecommunications company, for example, shows architectural design concepts that are at the forefront of Philippine architecture and design. And again, this building features eco-friendly elements that aim to reduce energy consumption and waste.

Additionally, in the second quarter of this year, IDC will unveil its newest green living development in Cagayan de Oro. Primavera City is another sustainable-development project and will have passive green features like the semi-transparent photo-voltaic already being used in the rooftops of their existing developments.

Truly, Italpinas is at the forefront of the green living revolution in the Philippines. With all these and other projects in the planning stages, IDC intends to create a community where people can live in affordably, safely, and conveniently.


Christmas at a Condo: Celebrating the Yuletide Season Away from Home

In the Philippines, Christmas isn’t just the merriest, but also the most important holiday each year. It is the time of year when family members who may no longer see each other as often as they want come together for some quality bonding time. It is also the time for friends to catch up on each other’s lives, preferably over a delicious feast. But not everyone gets to celebrate Christmas at home with family and friends.

There are those who work in the country’s metropolis and cannot go home to their respective provinces due to responsibilities at work. If you are one of these people, then you may think you won’t be celebrating Christmas this year. But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you live in a condo unit and have a few officemates who are in the same situation, you can actually get together and celebrate Christmas your own way. Or you could celebrate with the other unit owners in your condominium building.

Christmas at a Condo: Celebrating the Yuletide Season Away from Home

Celebrating with Your Co-Tenants

The easiest way to organize a party without getting stressed is to share the preparation responsibilities with others. Set up a meeting with your co-tenants and suggest a Christmas get-together for everyone who can’t go home for Christmas. Here are a few tips on how to ensure your party’s success:

Potluck for Dinner

Don’t stress anyone out by letting him/her do all the cooking. Instead, ask everyone to contribute by bringing at least one dish to the party. You could have everyone inform you in advance as to what dish they plan to bring to make sure no two people bring the same dish. This gives everyone the chance to sample a variety of cuisine and makes everyone feel truly part of the celebration.

Book the Roof Deck

If your condominium building has a spacious roof deck and the management agrees to let you use it for your party, then do so! Set up tables and chairs there and decorate the area. The view of the city lights from above will be sure to add a certain charm to your venue and to the party itself.

 Secret Santa

An exchange of gifts is one of the most fun things to do as part of a Christmas get-together, and it is even more fun when it follows the secret Santa format. Ask everyone to make a wish list with their name on it. Each of you will then draw a name and buy any of the items on his/her wish list. With none of you knowing who’s giving them a gift, the gift-giving will surely be a lot of fun!

Celebrating with Friends in Your Unit

If you don’t really have a relationship to speak of with the other unit owners in your condo building, you could opt to invite a few friends over and celebrate Christmas in your own unit instead. Here’s how to prepare for your intimate condo Christmas gathering:

Keep It Simple

If you choose to cook and will be doing the cooking on your own, simple yet delicious dishes should do the trick; your guests will enjoy the feast without you getting stressed. If you choose to have food catered but budget is limited, ordering classic Pinoy favorites should ensure that your guests enjoy the food without you exceeding your budget.

 Fun and Activities

A party isn’t just about food, of course. It’s also about the fun activities you share. Prepare at least three fun games and corresponding prizes for the winners. Just make sure the games won’t cause too much noise, which can be an issue for condo dwellers. And if you wish to have a game that requires people to move about, make sure it isn’t too strenuous.

Don’t Forget the Music

Music is an important part of any party. It can help set the right mood for the gathering and get people into the holiday spirit. And just because it’s a Christmas gathering doesn’t mean you should play nothing but Christmas carols. Play music you and your friends all like and give your guests the freedom to change the music or at least suggest a change in the music. You may also want to get some dancing going if there’s enough space for it.

You may be far from home, but you don’t have to be lonely this Christmas. You and your friends could even do a video chat with your respective families as part of your Christmas get-together, so you’ll feel like they’re right there with you. Happy Holidays!


Access the Perks of Big-City Condo Living at Primavera Residences

A visit to Philippines urban centers like Metro Manila in Luzon, Cebu City in the Visayas, and Cagayan de Oro City in Northern Mindanao will reveal the seemingly non-stop construction of residential complexes. Vertical and horizontal condominiums alike are steadily growing in number in these areas. This may be because the urban population has grown significantly in recent years, which means more and more people are looking for permanent (or at least semi-permanent) dwelling places in the country’s major cities.

As land on which to build houses become scarcer, urban real estate has become more expensive. It has therefore become more challenging to buy a house of your own in a good location within an urban area. For this reason, more and more people are now embracing condo living. With the demand for condo units rising, the number of condominium projects in the cities is also on the rise. Even in Cagayan de Oro, a very quiet and laid-back city compared to Manila and Cebu, the construction of several condominiums have been going on for the past few years and the end still isn’t in sight.

If you’re a little traditional and your dream is to someday own a house-and-lot, you may wonder what it is about condo living that attracts a growing number of people. What advantages could these high-rise residence buildings have to offer? Why do an increasing number of individuals consider condo living a better option than buying a home of their own? Let’s take a closer look at some of the major perks of condo living in an urban area.

Access the Perks of Big-City Condo Living at Primavera Residences


Most condominium complexes in urban areas are constructed in ideal locations. There are even some that are located right in the heart of the city. For busy individuals who do not want to battle heavy traffic day in and day out, being able to live in a place that’s easily accessible from their workplace is definitely a huge advantage. Even better news is that most condominiums are constructed within walking distance from shopping centers, schools, hospitals, churches, and other places where people typically converge.


Everybody wants to feel safe and secure in the place they call home. After all, how can you call a place your home if you cannot even consider it as a haven to which you can safely retreat? When you live in a condo unit, you benefit from the property’s security system, which is typically very expensive. There are usually CCTV cameras within the property and security guards who man the entrance/exit and patrol the premises on a regular basis. Imagine how much it would cost to set up a similar system if you had a house and lot!

Maintenance and Upkeep

When you live in a condo unit, you won’t have to take care of a garden or a front/back lawn. Even if the condominium complex you live in does have a garden and lawn, the management is responsible for its maintenance, not the unit owners. There are also people hired for the maintenance and upkeep of common areas within the complex (pool, lounge, gym, etc.), as these are covered by the association dues you pay. Your only responsibility will be the maintenance and upkeep of your own unit.


Most condominiums have such amenities as a swimming pool, a gym, and a clubhouse. There are even those that have a spa! Most of these amenities are typically free for all unit owners to use and those that come with fees have discounted rates for unit owners. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go for a dip in the pool any time you want without having to drive anywhere? If you happen to live in a complex that has a spa, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to go for a relaxing massage and then just walk back to your unit and get a good night’s sleep afterwards!


Investing in a condo unit generally comes out much less expensive than buying a parcel of land and getting a house built from the ground up. This is especially true if you bought a unit during the pre-selling period. This is why many young professionals are choosing to buy condo units these days; they can easily afford it. And the fact that a condominium’s value could easily double within six years makes it a sound investment, indeed.

If you’re a busy career individual looking to establish roots in the urban jungle, a condo unit is definitely an investment worth considering. It could be one of the best ways to make the most of what Cagayan de Oro City has to offer.

SMART Condo in Cagayan de Oro

Smart Condo in CDOAsserting itself as a gateway to Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro is fast becoming one of the most progressive cities in the country. It wouldn’t be surprising to see more industrial developments in CDO in the near future. After all, its location is among the most accessible in the region. Quite naturally, the purchase of real estate property within the area has increased over the past decade. There are a lot of new options to explore when it comes to purchasing real estate in the city. Just recently, it has witnessed a rise in condominium developments. Among the most anticipated projects include Yega Development Corporation’s maiden project, the Smart Condominium.


Making its entry into the market, this Filipino-Korean joint venture is currently working on completing an ultramodern residential building in the CDO uptown area. Adding to its convenience, the site’s location is near the Pueblo Golf Course, SM City Mall, as well as the city’s two most prestigious high schools—Xavier University and Corpus Christi.


Technologically Advanced Security Features

Once completed, all 78 units of the Smart condominium will feature the most advanced technology in home automation system to secure both protection and privacy; hence, the name “SMART.” All units will be equipped with a smart door lock system that features a multi-leveled security code entry to avoid the exposure of the residence’s personal access code. Future residents will also make use of biometric scanning and a strict double authorization mode for user access code to experience maximum security. Doors will have an automatic locking mode for added protection. To ensure better privacy, each unit will be installed with Kocom video intercoms to allow residents to screen guests.

Powered by one of the world’s leading technological needs providers, Samsung, the Smart Condominium is also secured with a full automated fire alarm and control system. Its location, being in the higher regions of the city, also makes it safe from floods, which are often the problem during typhoon seasons. Aside from security, residents in the higher regions also enjoy a milder temperature which is a pleasure to experience especially in the midst of a tropical country.

Easy Access to Recreational Spots and Activities

The building’s penthouse level will have a swimming pool as well as a beautiful sky garden, allowing residents to enjoy a generous view of the sunset. The penthouse is perfect for both leisure and recreational weekend activities. Depending on the time they choose to go up the penthouse, residents can either enjoy a relaxing time by the pool or an exhilarating experience by the garden.

As mentioned, the building is also near the Pueblo Gold Course and Xavier Sports Club. So, residents can easily enjoy physical and outdoor activities whenever they feel like it.

State of the Art Technology

Apart from its top-notch security system, the units are also well-equipped for entertainment and convenience. It’s built with advanced technology for home and kitchen automation making it easier to run chores around the house. As for entertainment, every unit has a full high definition cable television capacity and is furnished with fiber optic cables to enable ultra high-speed transmission of data.

To shield residents from the inconveniences of power outages, the entire building employs solar energy. For added efficiency, aesthetic effect, and luminosity, lighting fixtures are designed to make use of LED balls along with other technologically advanced fixtures.

Reception and Accommodation

With all its features intended to enhance security, convenience, and comfort, the Smart condo units are undoubtedly among the most accommodating and livable residences in the area as well as in the city. Despite its rigid security system, the place remains inviting to guests with its spacious and luxurious lobby lounge. It’s designed to entertain visitors and make them feel welcome while at the same time keeping the security of residents intact.

Value and Affordability

Given its amenities, the Smart condominium units are relatively affordable. Interested buyers can avail of its low pre-selling price points, which start at 1.49 million. Despite its high end technology, the units are set at a relatively unintimidating price since the materials and supplies used in the construction of said amenities are purchased straight from the source. Optimizing both speed and efficiency, the builders are able to save both time and money. With that, the units are easily accessible to interested buyers particularly in the middle market. The Smart Condominium units are among the best real estate deals a buyer can get for his money’s worth.


While targeted to fit the means of the middle market, the entire project aims to provide luxury to its future residents. With that, the interiors are made using the finest, most durable materials.

Finally, the building provides three different types of rooms to suit various personalities and lifestyle needs. There’s a compact studio unit that’s perfect for a bachelor or a young couple, a one-bedroom unit for people who demand a little more privacy, as well as a two-bedroom unit for small- to medium-sized families or for people who simply want to enjoy a more spacious residence. Whatever their needs might be, they’ll surely find one that greatly complements their personality and modern day lifestyle.