House of Native Lechon: A New Go-to Place for CDO Foodies

The Philippines is an archipelago composed of more than 7,000 islands. It is therefore understandable for each region of the country to have its own specialty when it comes to food. There is, however, one dish that is a favorite all over the country and is present in just about every occasion celebrated in Filipino homes and localities. We are talking about the spit-roasted pig we have come to know as Lechon.


CDO Lechon: Among the Country’s Best

If you love lechon and happen to live in Cagayan de Oro, then you should consider yourself lucky because the lechon in the City of Golden Friendship is deemed by many as one of the best in the country, along with lechon in Iligan and Cebu. When people from other parts of the country come to CDO to visit family, to go on an adventure, or even for business purposes, it is rare for them not to sample some of the city’s lechon on at least one meal for the entire duration of their stay.

In many occasions, those who hail from Metro Manila would even buy a whole lechon, have it wrapped carefully and pay for it to be brought to Metro Manila on the same flight they’re taking. There are also those who order CDO lechon all the way from the northern part of the country to serve in special family occasions. There are even stories of some people who just come to Cagayan de Oro to savor the delicious local dishes, including our popular lechon.

Since CDO lechoneros are known to be among the country’s best, it is comes as no surprise that the city has numerous lechon businesses. No matter what time of the year it is, even during peak seasons like Christmas and the city fiesta, it won’t be too difficult to find someplace where you can order lechon from. There are even a number of places that serve lechon on a daily basis. So when you suddenly find yourself craving lechon, you just have to visit any of these dining places and you can enjoy this sumptuous treat without spending too much.

House of Native Lechon

If you think we have enough lechon houses in Cagayan de Oro, think again. It seems that Kagay-anons can never have enough of their favorite party dish, and the city is certainly big enough to accommodate one more place that offers deliciously roasted pig on a daily basis.

We are about to witness the grand opening of the House of Native Lechon at Buena Oro in the Upper Macasandig area. If you’ve heard of the Kambingan sa Buena Oro, well, the House of Native Lechon is set to open right beside it. That’s how much Kagay-anons love good food; you are bound to find one exciting foodie joint right beside another.

So, what sets this new “lechon restaurant” apart from other lechon places in Cagayan de Oro? Well, for one thing, they don’t just offer lechon, but also a host of other mouthwatering Filipino dishes. And get this: Their food set-up is buffet style! Yes, that means you can eat all the lechon and other Pinoy dishes you want for a very reasonable price.


Their lechon is crunchy, flavorful, and gratifying. Even if you’re not that fond of this meat dish, you surely won’t be able to resist taking a bite, especially when you’re having it with such fare as chicken adobo, fried chicken, sisig, pork adobo, fresh lumpia, grilled fish, sweet and sour fish, buffalo chicken wings, kinilaw, pancit, kare-kare, and halang-halang, among others. They also serve Pinoy favorite desserts like buko pandan, buko halo, and gulaman.

With their classy, all-Filipino décor and casually elegant ambience, the place is sure to attract not just local patrons, but also domestic and international tourists alike. Their location may not be in the city proper, but it’s just a few minutes and an easy cab ride away. Oh, and one more thing: They will be serving NATIVE lechon, which means that the pigs to be roasted are on an organic diet. Interesting, isn’t it?

So, check your calendars and be prepared for the opening of the House of Native Lechon. They may not have announced a specific opening date yet, but it’s always best to be ready. One thing is for sure, though: This new destination for Kagay-anon foodies, their family and friends, and all visitors to the city is set to open very, very SOON. We’re already excited, are you?

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