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Glam Up Your Party with Candy’s Party Dishes


Candy's Cafe Party Dishes

Question: What’s a party without food?
Answer: It isn’t.

If you’re throwing a party for whatever occasion and regardless of how simple or elaborate, you have to make sure there’s good food. In most cases, party guests won’t mind partying in any kind of venue and don’t really care if there’s live entertainment or not, as long as the company they keep and the food they eat are satisfactory.

So, if you want your party to be a success but you’re not very adept in the kitchen, what do you do? Why, you order tasty party dishes from a reliable food establishment, of course!

Candy’s Party Dishes

For your next party, why don’t you get your party dishes from one of Cagayan de Oro’s well-loved cafés? Candy’s Café is offering Party Dishes this season. The menu is extensive and offers a wide variety of dishes, from salads to pastas to seafoods.

Here are our top recommendations:

  1. Candy’s Special Salad – A Filipino party will always be rich in meat dishes, particularly pork. That is why it is always a good idea to have delicious and healthy salads to balance out the menu. And you can’t go wrong with Candy’s special salad.
  2. Chicken Fingers – This dish works well both as an appetizer and a viand. It is also an ideal dish to serve if you expect children to be at the party.
  3. Pasta Dishes – Any of Candy’s pasta dishes are sure to be appreciated by your party guests. Not only are they filling, but they’re also healthy and mouthwateringly tasty.

For other options, check out the full Party Dishes menu on their website. If you want to order, call Candy’s Cafe at (088)323-1975. You can also drop by at the restaurant at Centrio Mall, Ground Floor Garden and book your orders there.

Putting together a party menu doesn’t have to stress you out. Have fun on your celebrations this season!

Ororama: Celebrating Christmas with You

Christmas is one of the (if not THE) most important holidays in the Philippines, and it certainly is the longest, as people start celebrating it or at least looking forward to it as early as September. And by the last quarter of each year, private individuals, government offices, and private institutions are already finding ways to make the Christmas spirit felt. The Ororama chain of stores is no different. They have lined up an array of exciting offerings and activities for the holiday season. Here are some of the most notable ones and a few offerings you can still take advantage of.

Pre-Holiday Sale

It has long been known that Christmas starts early in the Philippines. So at Ororama, the Holiday Sale was held a month before Christmas! Their Pre-holiday Sale on November 27-30 gave people a chance to do some early holiday shopping, if not for things to give their loved ones on Christmas Day, then at least for gifts to give during their office/school/organization Christmas party. There were also those who got the chance to buy new clothes to wear for Christmas and for the endless December parties.

Ororama pre-holiday sale

The Pre-holiday Sale was indeed good news for shoppers, as Ororama offered as much as 70% discount on selected items as well as a 10% discount on regular items. Not only that, they also offered FREE GIFT WRAPPING for the entire duration of the sale, making it truly convenient to shop for gifts at that time. Shoppers only had to present their purchased items with the corresponding receipt at the designated counter, and they leave the store with their gifts ready! Those who are members of their Rewards Club had it even better, because the first day of the sale was exclusively for them.

World AIDS Day Run

Christmas is about giving, and giving goes beyond the exchange of material gifts during the Christmas season. This is something Ororama clearly understands, as they went beyond offering discounts and special promos this December. They also offered much-needed support to the campaign for AIDS awareness by being one of the sponsors of the Kapamilya World AIDS Day Run last December 5. They set up a registration booth at the Ororama Supercenter (Cogon). Proceeds of the activity will go to the HIV/AIDS shelter and help provide support to people living with HIV and AIDS.

 Kapamilya World AIDS Day Run

Misa de Gallo Treat

It has always been part of the Filipino tradition to wake up and hear mass in the early morning hours for 9 days, from December 16-24. The 9 morning masses known as Misa de Gallo because the mass begins at the time when roosters usually start crowing (“Gallo” is Spanish for chicken) have been part of Philippine culture from as far back as we can remember, and most Filipino Catholics most probably grew up attending these masses each year.

Part of this tradition is to have pamainit after mass. Churchgoers share a feast of kakanin—puto-bumbong, suman, bibingka, palitao, biko, etc.—paired with either hot chocolate or coffee. If you’re one of those who regularly attend Misa de Gallo, then you may have noticed that there are vendors selling these pamainit goodies just a few steps from the church gates. Standing around the vendors’ carts, chatting with family and friends as you get your fill of kakanin and hot drinks can be a nice way to cap each Misa de Gallo morning.

If you aren’t too fond of standing while you eat your food, you could always go to the nearest market and have your pamainit at any of the painitan stalls there. These stalls typically have bar stool-type chairs for customers to sit on and a long counter where you can place your food. But why go anywhere to pay for your kakanin and coffee/hot choco when you can actually get them for free? Yes, free!

The Ororama chain of stores also has a tradition of their own: for several years now, they’ve been giving free pamainit for the first morning of Misa de Gallo. You don’t even have to purchase anything, as they won’t be asking for receipts or any proof of purchase. You simply need to approach the staff serving the kakanin and hot drinks, and they’ll offer the food for free. There are tables and chairs provided, so you won’t have to eat standing up.

Ororama is indeed having a very merry Christmas and spreading their joy to their loyal patrons. So the next time you’re anywhere near their stores this December, why not drop by? You just might be in for a pleasant surprise. Happy Holidays!